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[PES2009] PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009 - V 1.4 Disponible
« le: 24 août 2009 à 09:31:56 »
Voilà comme j'apprécie votre forum de plus en plus et étant un des forums référence sur PES, je vous fais partager ma passion pour PES au travers du logiciel que je développe depuis PES 2008.
Trouvant que la scène française du patching étant très en retard (elle l'est toujours d'ailleurs  ::)),
j'ai décidé de mettre la main à la pâte et je bosse sur ce logiciel depuis 2 ans maintenant.

By Goldorakiller

* NEWS *
Salut les gars !
Le nouveau PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009 V1.4.0.0 est maintenant disponible !
J'ai beaucoup travaillé pour partager une version bêta la plus complète possible mais n'oubliez pas que c'est toujours une bêta !
En espérant que vous en profiterez !:))

Le reste est en anglais car je post quasiment que sur des forums étrangers !


Tool for PES2009 [PC] Option File [OF] editing.


Only PC


- Editing Players : names / basic settings / positions / abilities / special abilities / motion / accessories / faces relink / specials dribbles / capitalize
- Editing Teams : names / basic settings / fans colors / home stadiums / chants relink / banners relink / capitalize
- Editing Teams : formation / basic settings / Game plan / Strategy
- Kits view from kitserver
- Transfer players (drag & drop) / change squad numbers
- Editing stadiums names
- Editing leagues/cups ingame names
- Global Editing (Stats Adjust) : Teams / Positions / 1-99 Abilities / 1-8 stats / Age / Specials Abilities / Dribbling Style / Injury / Boots / Nationality
- Global Editing (Method Adjust) : - / + / = / +% / -% / Maximum value / Minimum value
- Import Teams/Players from another PES 2009 Option File (OF2)
- Export/Import OF in .csv format
- Export Teams rosters in .csv format
- Export/Import Players datas in .player09 format
- Editing balls names
- Editing songs names for menus
- Filter List players by ID / Alpha / Nationality / Team / Position / Free / Capacities / Specials Capacities / Duplicate Players
- String Files editor
- FM to PES stats Converter (by SMcCutcheon)
- Lite Kitserver manager
- Profiles Manager
- Backups Manager
- Editing "Become A Legend" player : name / basic settings / positions / abilities / special abilities / motion / accessories
- FM09 to PES 2009 stats converter
- PRO-EVO Audio Player/Encoder (play audio files .mp3, .adx, .wav and .wma and convert .mp3/.wav <-> .adx)
- Editing "Master League" : name / kits / money




FM09 DATABASE 9.0.3 :


- unrar the file in "PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009 V1.4\FM09" folder


Version beta (23/07/2009)

  • Add Banners Relink Tool 1.00
  • Add PRO-EVO Audio Player/Converter 1.00
  • play audio files : .mp3, .adx, .wav, .wma and .aix
  • convert .mp3/.wav <-> .adx
  • convert .adx <-> .aix

  • Add Zlib Editor 1.00 (Compress/Decompress zlib files (.bin))
  • Add Clubs with ID 226-259 and National teams with ID 260-275 in "Export OF to *.csv" function
  • Add FM09 to PES09 Converter Stat Pack by Steven McCutcheon (Converts up to 5000 players at one time using Microsoft Excel 2007)
  • Add Image Viewer 1.00 (support *.BMP;*.CUT;*.DCX;*.DDS;*.ICO;*.GIF;*.JPG;*.LBM;*.LIF;*.MDL;*.PCD;*.PCX;*.PIC;*.PNG;*.PNM;*.PSD;*.PSP;*.RAW;*.SGI;*.TGA;*.TIF;*.WAL;*.ACT;*.PAL;|*.BMP;*.CUT;*.DCX;*.DDS;*.ICO;*.GIF;*.JPG;*.LBM;*.LIF;*.MDL;*.PCD;*.PCX;*.PIC;*.PNG;*.PNM;*.PSD;*.PSP;*.RAW;*.SGI;*.TGA;*.TIF;*.WAL;*.ACT;*.PAL)
  • Add option to save OF in which version you want (from 1.00 to 1.40)
  • Add Master League Editor 1.00 : support name / kits / money
  • Modify STR Editor 1.10 interface
  • Modify BAL Editor 1.20 interface and fix bugs
  • Update FM to PES Converter Tool 1.10  with huge Database 9.0.3 (over 250 000 players - support prefered moves too !) and fix some bugs
  • Improved find duplicates players by choose between name, nationality, age, height, weight or position
  • Improved search function
  • case sensitive
  • search by "contains"
  • search by "start with"
  • search by "match exact"
  • search by enter name directly

  • Improved Players Tab :
  • Fixed bug with player nationality (some "error" nationality)
  • Add skin color in player profil tab
  • Add support for callname in player profil tab (Allow to assign or not callname)
  • Add support for growth type in player profil tab (Allow to modify growth type) - Thx to Wild@
  • Add support for new specials dribbles (tricks) : Cruyff Turn, Roulette Marseillaise (1 and 2), special curling shot, special step-over and chip ball
  • Add view face and hair corresponding .bin file from cv06.img in kitserver (face_Pavlyuchenko_2027.bin for example) in Face/Accessories/Motion Tab
  • Add view for corresponding scan face file from save folder (PES2009_FACE001.bin for example) in Face/Accessories/Motion Tab
  • Add support for player skin color and texture in Face/Accessories/Motion Tab
  • Add Radar chart (comparison attack-defence-stamina-power-technique-speed)
  • Add Overall and positions rating
  • Improve individual stats adjust

  • Improved Faces and hairs Relink Tool 1.20 :
  • Add choose to assign "face and hair" or "only face"
  • Add choose to assign a imported face or hair :

* choose a face .bin in a folder and the tool import it in cv06.img kitserver folder
* and rename it with player name and face slot - face_Pavlyuchenko_2027.bin for example (idem for hair)
  • Add check linked faces (the tool verify if your faces .bin files in kitserver folder are relinked to a player)

  • Improved Teams Tab :
  • Add Banner infos (banner preview, banner slot) in Team Card Tab
  • Add Banner Relink option
  • Add Display option in Formation Tab (choose between players names or numbers in formation window)
  • Improved change players numbers (clic in number textbox - change number - press enter - and the next number is automatically selected)
  • Add function to verify duplicate players numbers
  • Add "Fill selected Team with xx free rosters" (Right click on Team list and xx is the number of free players you want want to have !)
  • Add support for kits (allow you to relink kits in cv06.img or cv0f.img)

  • Improved Chants Relink Tool 1.10 :
  • Change listview appearance
  • Fixed bug chants Relink (pattern chants)
  • Add chants manager (Allow to import five .adx chants files in your cs0d.img profil folder and rename name and slot of adx)

  • Improved Transfers Tab :
  • Improved listviews and compare window (add colors)
  • Add function to verify duplicate players numbers
  • Add "Remove player from this team" in listview 1 and 2 context menu (Right clic in listwiew 1 or 2)
  • Add Drag and Drop function in own listview (Allow to order players)
  • Add "Save players order as rosters here" (Right clic in listwiew 1)

  • Improved Global Editing Tab :
  • Add Function for injury "A=>B", "A=>C","B=>A", "B=>C","C=>B", "C=>A"
  • Add Players overview table (capacities)
  • Add Function for assign Boots (with assign boots randomly)
  • Add Function for assign Nationality
  • Add Special function for verify errors in Players Shirt Names like DJIUTALEFF or ZIROM)
  • Add Check for Duplicate players (find players in double like BALLACK and KRUGER)
  • Add Check for Fake players (find players with wrong names in game)

  • Improved Import OF2 Tab
  • Add Import Team Datas manager :

* Choose import all teams, one team or x teams (put teams slots - for example Teams 127 to 144)
* Choose datas to import (name, short name, fans colors, chants, home stadiums, formation, rosters and numbers)
  • Add Import Players Datas manager :

* Choose import all players, one players or x players (put players ID - for example ??)
* Choose datas to import (all datas, Basics infos, Positions, Accessories, Motion, Spec. Drib., Abilities, Special Abilities, Name, Shirt Name, Special Face and Hair slot, Callname)
  • Add Import Stadiums Names from OF2
  • Add Import Leagues/Cups Names from OF2

  • Improved Import .csv Tab
  • Add filters by Team and nationality
  • Add CSV Team import (Team name, numbers, players)
  • Add support for import .csv file PES6/PES2008/PES2009 generated by wild@ PES Editor or Compulision PS2 PEs Editor

  • Improved IMG Explorer 1.10
  • Improve interface
  • Add right clic function (decompress/export file, open with Zlib Editor/STR file Editor/Audio Player
  • Fix bug when open very big files
  • Add AFS Map

  • Improved Database Manager Tab :
  • Improved Locked players Tab with automatic unlocked players functions
  • Improved Teams Manager Tab with automatic function : "Others B in Others A"
  • Add "Add Players" function (now you can improve the number of players in OF and in game !)

  • Improved General Graphic Interface






Programer : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Programer assistant: Bouquenom
DLL Players 2008 : Skip-Br
DLL Checksum : Mosu90
DLL Zlib : Jean Loup Gailly, Mark Adler and skunk
DLL DevIL.NET : Marco Mastropaolo
DLL ListViewEX : mav.northwind
DLL Bass, ans add-ons :
DLL VFButtons : TigerFab
Sticky Window code : Corneliu Tusnea
Big Help : Mosu90, skip-br, skunk and Wild@
PES Chants map and research : Tommsen and gigimarulla
PES Commentaries map : gabe.paul.logan from evo-web
PES Faces map : Damian,tYphO, bartek-br, albertocp and others from evo-web
PES Callnames map : EPT Team
FM To PES Converter (Excel) and stats pack : Steven McCutcheon
FM Genie Scout : Eugene Tarabanovsky
FM 08 database : Gortop
FM 09 database : GoLDoRaKiLLeR©
Legend Editor : whivel
Increase number of players : zioborgo
Beta-testing: members and guests of Evo-Web and PRO-EVO forums
ADX is a proprietary audio storage and compression format developed by CRI Middleware
Any others names mentioned are property of their companies

And special thanks to Mosu90, skip-br, skunk, juce, Ariel, wild@ and the members of evo-web forum !

You need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Framework .NET 2.0
Framework .NET 2.0 SP1
Framework .NET 3.5
Framework .NET 3.5 SP1
Microsoft Chart Controls for Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5

Make a save of your OF before use this tool ! (we don't know what will hapenned !)
THIS IS A BETA VERSION FOR TEST : Report bugs, problem, questions and suggestions in this thread.

* FAQ *
1- I get this error :
See the end of this message for details on invoking
just-in-time (JIT) debugging instead of this dialog box.

************** Exception Text **************
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Die Datei PES2009_OPTION01.bin wurde nicht gefunden.
at Microsoft.VisualBasic.FileSystem.FileLen(String PathName)
@ Open PES2009_EDIT01.bin and not PES2009_OPTION01.bin

2- I m getting the error "File PES2009_EDIT01.bin not found" when I try to open the option file ! :
@ Put the OF in the editor folder and open it !

Website :

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Re : [PC] PRO-EVO Editing Studio 2009 - V 1.4 Disponible
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il est magique ce goldo quand meme